Name Alden Collectibles and Antiques
Auctioneer Estate Liquidator Pros
Type Online-Only Auction
Date(s) 11/22/2020 - 12/16/2020
Lots will start closing on the date listed above at approx 7pm. We typically run from 7-10pm as lots will be staggered throughout that time depending on how many lots there are. All additional info you need is under AUCTION DETAILS tab.
Preview Date/Time N/A due to Covid. Contact us through THE ITEM/LOT PAGE for more information about a specific auction lot. This helps us see which item you have a question on.

Please ask questions at least 24hrs before the auction closing or we may not be able to accommodate. Some questions or additional photos will require us to travel to that location.

Checkout Date/Time All Invoices are BILLED TO THE CARD ON FILE when the auction has completed. ALL alternate payment, pickup, shipping, and auction instructions or terms you need are found under the AUCTION DETAILS tab on this main auction page.
Location Alden Area (Full Address sent to winning bidders)
Alden, NY 14004
Buyer Premium 15% or minimum $1/invoice
Sale is in Alden, NY LOCAL PICKUP ONLY This is an affiliate's auction not run by us directly. They are not shipping for this auction. Our standard auction rules still apply. Delivery possible or Buffalo pickup with prior approval - message BEFORE YOU BID to request this. Antiques Mickey mouse collectables Precious Moments Furniture Tools (new and old) Hardware Fire Alarms Stereo Equipment China Glassware Tables Display Stands. You must be available, send someone or make other arrangements PRIOR to bidding if you can't make the pickup day. Any items not retrieved will be forfeited without a refund.
Auction Terms & Conditions

BUYERS PREMIUM applies - All auctions have a 15% Buyer's Premium added or $1 minimum per invoice whichever is higher. Unlike sites like Ebay, auctioneers sell other peoples' items. The costs of auctions are paid by buyers not sellers. This is standard for any type of auctions.

SOFT CLOSE applies - If you bid within the final minutes there will be additional time added to allow the previous high bidder to respond as in a live auction setting.

Proxy Bidding is enabled - If you place a maximum bid in the bidding box, HIBID will bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid. (further explanation is below)

DO NOT call, text or email to request pickup info please. All info you need is provided before you bid.

ANY cases of chargebacks to your card will be subject to additional penalties. In cases where you have an issue it is always prudent to contact us first. We incur additional fees for chargebacks and it takes significant wasted time for us to forward all the Terms & Conditions you agree to, which includes paying and showing up to retrieve your items, to the banks involved. If we incur charges and you have not contacted us you will be subject to pay the additional $30 - $60 chargeback fees we incur and it will be handled as a civil or small claims matter. You agree to our terms and conditions when you sign up and following through with your agreement is your responsibility.

READ YOUR E-MAIL MESSAGES. We communicate regularly to all registered bidders so you may find e-mails from "AF360" or "HIBID" Please watch for important messages. Any issues, problems or changes with the auction will be e-mailed to the address you used to sign up.

NO MASK - NO ENTRY to pickup items
  • Wear a mask.
  • only move to where you are directed to get items.
  • Keep distance and allow others inside to maintain space while retrieving items.
  • No one else will be allowed entry with you unless you are moving large items or a large number of lots. 
  • ALL COVID PRECAUTIONS WILL BE STRICTLY ADHERED TO! This includes any help or movers. Please do not bring extra people other than the workers required to move your items. Be sure that the people you bring or send understand our rules.

    There is no medical, personal, legal or opinion otherwise that voids this requirement.


    If you, or anyone picking up with you or for you does not follow our required safety guidelines regarding masks we, unfortunately, can not allow you entry. You will NOT receive a refund and will forfeit your purchases. These rules were agreed to, by you, before you are permitted to bid and are not negotiable after you purchase.


    We don't change rules based on opinion or political views. It is a State-mandated requirement for businesses and It also allows other buyers to feel safe to buy from us. Non-masked, or non distanced people entering the homes are against our contract with our clients, the homeowners. Although we do our best to give you a safe individual appointment there are hundreds of people entering within 1-2 days so it's important we follow guidelines. We risk our business closing, fines or legal ramifications so we can not do that because someone's opinion doesn't match state mandates.

    There is no more "discussion" on this matter. You are free to not wear a mask but if that is your choice we ask that you refrain from purchasing until masks are no longer a state-mandated requirement of our business. We can hope to see you again and resume non-mask activity when the CDC and other health experts along with NYS determine it is no longer necessary. You also have the option to send someone to pickup that can/will wear one.

    The alternative is If you have small items and LESS than 5 lots we can put items outside in most cases for you to retrieve but we need to know in advance of your buying and before your appointment. We are not responsible to monitor items if you do not arrive at your scheduled time or weather changes and we will not retrieve them or you fail to make it to your appointment once an item is placed outside.

    Proxy Bidding Details - (further explanation is below)

  • Example #1 - The bid is at $1, You enter $10. If no one else bids your bid would start and end at $2
  • Example #2 - Using the same bid above. If other bidders bid up to $5, your final winning bid would be $6
  • Example #3 - Using the same bid above. If other bidders bid up to $10, your final winning bid would be $10 since bidding preference goes to first bid in.
  • Example #4 - Using the same bid above. If the first bidder enters a max bid of $9. You see a $1 bid so you add a max bid of $10. Once you enter you see your bid immediately jump to $10 and you win at $10. Its important to note if your bid jumps that way it means a previous bidder also has a max bid in. If you lose at $10 and see the winning bid is $10, that means the previous bidder also put a max bid of $10 or more. Since winning preference goes to first person with their bid in. You will lose that bid. You will also have time to add a higher bid
  • --------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ Terms Of Use

    Seller User Terms

    Bidder User Terms
    Your bid must adhere to the bid increment schedule.
    Bid Amount Bid Increment
    0.00 - 100.00 1.00 USD
    100.01 - 200.00 2.00 USD
    200.01 - 500.00 5.00 USD
    500.01 - 975.00 25.00 USD
    975.01 - 9,750.00 250.00 USD
    9,750.01 - 97,500.00 2,500.00 USD
    97,500.01 - 9,999,999.99 10,000.00 USD
    Currency USD
    Buyer Premium 15% or minimum $1/invoice
    Payment Terms
    1. We charge your card on file, that you signed up with, at auction completion. Unless you are paying cash (see instructions below) 2. You will receive an e-mail invoice from "AF360" - which is through HIBID. It is labeled SETTLEMENT - You are responsible to check your e-mail and spam. (search AF360 or Settlement to locate) We have no way to know which people are not seeing or getting messages. We use the email you signed up with and one message goes to everyone. 3. If the settlement shows unpaid you will have a link in your e-mail to pay with an alternate card (called Currency Pay through HIBIDs processor) or you need to follow payment instructions regarding paying cash at your pickup appointment (below). 4. Anyone using cards that do not have funds will incur a $5 fee for declined cards and you may be barred from future auctions for repeat offenders. If you have a card on file with HIBID, it is your responsibility to update that accordingly before you buy. The card is for the purpose of paying for your items. If you fail to follow through or book a pickup as instructed, even cash buyers, we will be billing your card for your purchases. No shows are still obligated as per the Terms & Conditions you agree to, to pay for the items you agree to buy and it's your responsibility to arrange alternate pickup arrangements BEFORE you bid if you are not going to be available. 5. ANY no shows, non-paying or not following the rules, regardless of whether you made it to pickup to get your items or not, may be PERMANENTLY BLOCKED. The HIBID system is set up so once one auctioneer blocks you the others can see that and typically follow suit. ANY non-payment or issues will likely result in being blocked from multiple auction houses. To avoid that, be responsible to pay your auctioneer for items you bought!, AND read all the rules, follow them, and be at pickups NO EXCEPTIONS. This online auction model does not work if you do not do your part. Follow the rules and follow through on your purchases. 6. PAYING WITH CASH OR VENMO - TAKING CASH is a courtesy, however, the following applies - a. We are no longer accepting PERMANENT cash buyers. You need to specify you want to pay cash when you sign up FOR EACH AUCTION. There is a place to designate you are paying cash where you sign up. Please sign up with the card you intend to use to pay. If you use a card without funds we will no longer allow you to bid in the future. Even if you are paying cash - The card on file must be valid and able to be charged for your purchases. NO EXCEPTIONS. b. Any cash you bring MUST be exact change or round up. Most items are paid by card so we do not bring change nor do we process cards at the pickups. c. Money must be in an envelope or small ziploc bag WITH YOUR INVOICE or your name and invoice number on it. We will count cash after pickups so any missing funds will be withdrawn from your card account on file. 7. TAX EXEMPTIONS - Due to exemption abuses we are no longer taking tax exempt certificates. If you are already set up as tax exempt that will remain in place. If you are tax exempt you need to claim that credit yourself when filing your quarterly sales tax.
    Pickup is Saturday 12/19 from 10-5 Sunday will be an alternate day from 9-noon if needed. After an auction is completed
  • Go to after 9am the following day to book your time.

    To Book Your Pickup

    To Book Your Pickup

    MAKE CERTAIN that you are selecting the correct auction pickup or your items will not be there. We may have more than one pickup calendar active so always use the one for the proper auction!
  • 1. The booking page will not load or allow bookings until the day after the auction closes. .
  • 2. If the page does not load that means the calendar is not yet accepting bookings. Check back and also be sure you are booking the correct auction. You can verify by checking the details of the auction you purchased from.
  • 3. Just because you may know the location, we will not allow pickups without going through the booking page.
  • The address and map to pickup is shown after you book an appointment (wait after you submit booking) If you miss the address/confirmation page a link back to that page is sent in the confirmation and reminder emails again.
  • YOU MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT to get your things or you lose your items without refund. In a case where appointments get filled up WE WILL REACH OUT TO YOU. No need to call or email if appointments are full. If we can not reach you and you aren't answering your phone you may lose your items.
  • Do not pick alternate times that are available unless you plan to come AT THAT TIME. We can not take people that do not come at your appointment times.
  • When you arrive wait outside or in your vehicle. If you want to text that you arrived early please message us at (716) 320-1114 and we can call you in if we have an opening. If you do not have text messaging please line up OUTSIDE and only at your scheduled time unless no other people are there.
  • If you are waiting please line up in your vehicle at the driveway. Only pull in if the customer in front of you has completed loading and drives out. The next person can come in to the driveway and begin their appointment.
  • If you require any alternate/specific pickup, delivery or shipping options let us know when you sign up.. All items not removed by the end of the pickup days will be forfeited and no refund will be given. You may be charged for removal if its a house that needs immediate vacancy.  If appointments are filled we will contact you. If we are unable to reach you than your items are forfeited without refund.
  • You must bring an invoice (or on your phone).You also must bring with you any items to disassemble, pack, or move items. We do not typically have enough extra packing supplies for everyone.? If you need help moving items you must have your own help. We do not have staff for moving. If you can not move your items you will forfeit without refund. If you need multiple trips or days please notify us as soon as the auction ends.
  • We typically allow up to 2 weeks to schedule for our store pickup. AT OUR LOCATION only. Sales at a homes need immediate pickup
  • The rules apply to everyone AND to anyone picking up for others or help coming with the buyer. Be sure if you are sending others to pickup your items that they understand the rules or they may not be allowed to get your things. This includes, bringing their own adequate tools, masks, help or packing supplies. Anyone not capable to properly and safely move large items or with appropriate help may need to forfeit without refund. If you are not able to make the pickup (unless you have arranged shipping or delivery) all items will be forfeited without refund. No more exceptions - NONE! These are the rules you agreed to when signing up. The link to book is now provided in advance. The address is only given to you after you book a time. You must wait to get that follow up page. If you miss it, a link back to the page is sent to the e-mail you booked with so you can go back again to see the address and pickup instructions. SHIPPING/DELIVERY This is an affiliate of ours running this sale. Any shipping will be billed at $50 per box We are a local estate sale business and offer local pickup. We will ship as a courtesy under some restrictions. If you need shipping or delivery you must note that in the signup notes box before you bid so we can be sure we can accommodate the request.